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This product does not include shoe tensioner as shown on images

Product Specifications

Art. nr. 71.3001.NLS.01-G01
Color Olive White Orange
Material Nubuck N.Leather O.Suede
Lining / Insole Off White Calf Leather
Outsole Rubber Off White
Bottom Off White

This product comes with fragrance testers

Iris Wood 08 (Homme)

This fragrance contains notes of the sweet iris and tuberose flower, carefully mixed with various spices. By adding notes of wood, rum and even leather the Iris Wood 08 gets its unique and distinguishable scent.

A fragrance for men that is not too sweet and not too robust, a perfect balance.

Iris Wood 09 (Femme)

This fragrance draws inspiration from the Iris Wood 08 by having similar ingredients like iris, wood and leather. However, the Iris Wood 09 creates its own unique identity by containing a different mixture of various spices and by adding notes of vanilla and bergamot.

A fragrance for women that is sweet and fresh, but still keeps its edge.


Sports is our core streetwear line that just breathes coolness. Our J3 sneaker represents this line and is made by combining different colors and fabrics. It also distinguishes itself by having a detailed pattern on the side.

This pattern combined with the white lining and outsole, gives the J3 its genuine sports feel.