To leave a legacy, is to leave something meaningful behind.
To be remembered for what you created and to be an inspiration for those who dare to chase their dreams.

J.LEGACEE aims to leave their mark in street culture by creating unique products while respecting function, comfort, attitude and style. J.LEGACEE puts quality over quantity and has a strong focus, which is reflected in their product lines.

The two founders of J.LEGACEE both grew up in the 90’s and share a love for hip-hop culture. It is in this culture where you can create something unique by sampling, mixing and mastering different styles.
No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone has its own identity and style.
J.LEGACEE has found and embraced its identity, using it as an inspiration to excel at everything they do.

These core values represent J.LEGACEE:


If you are persistent, nobody can keep you from reaching your goals. Giving up is never an option.


It is impossible to create a legacy without having the discipline to make you go the extra mile.


Be truly unique, go against the grain and have the confidence to own it.


Dealing with setbacks accordingly requires patience. If you practice enough patience you can channel these setbacks into a positive experience.

Look ahead

Never stand still, look ahead and envision the journey you embark on.
Carefully plan out the route to your next goal, and the next, and the next, and the next.


Keep imagining, it is the first step of creating something awesome.

Trust your guts

Never do something if it does not feel right, always stay true to yourself.



J.LEGACEE creates high quality footwear, without losing sight of functionality and comfort.
To ensure this high level of quality, all of our products are produced in Portugal and are made with fine leather fabrics.

The special insole provides full arch support, so that you can stand firm in any situation. Our asymmetrical design creates a unique silhouette, which will make you stand out from the crowd. We have even imprinted our core values on the outsole, so that they travel with you wherever you go.
All of our footwear products are presented in a luxurious shoebox, including protective cushioning and a sample of our fragrances.

By putting quality over quantity in everything that we do, we gain focus and our collection reflects this.
We have created a divided product line with different styles that are all based on our core Mid-top model.

Unlike other brands, the yearly seasons do not dictate our collection. Instead, we put together a selection of styles, with different color and fabric options to choose from all year round.

Everyone has a unique identity. That is why we divided our collection over three different styles, so that you can find the right fit.
Our entire footwear collection is designed to be unisex.


To enhance the J.LEGACEE experience we have developed our own fragrance line.

We feel that scents are something special.
Smell is mankind’s most sensitive sense andalso the only one directly connected to the emotional part of the human brain. This means that all feelings that arise from smelling are pure and true.
We have searched and tested until we found the right scents for J.LEGACEE.

We proudly offer the Iris Wood 08 and the Iris Wood 09